About Us


After years and years of working on technology solutions we decided to get involved. After doing some research, all we could find were cheap low quality gadgets and gizmos. And while all of them seemed like plausible options, we struggled to find a high quality innovative solution– until now!

We’ve strategically designed our products to serve as the modern-day answer to that very same question. All of our products are built to last, they’re built to function in a number of different environments, and they’re built to protect your personal items whilst your on your travels or chilling at home – what more can you ask for ?


Here at TOTAL GADGETS, our mission is to provide a variety of time saving fun loving gadgets that are built to last for decades. We don’t skimp out on our materials – we only use extremely durable and lightweight material to ensure that our products are strong, sturdy, and built to last for years.

Each and every day, we’re hard at work looking at new technology.


We like to envision ourselves as more than just an organisation company. In our minds, we’re helping out the working individual by providing them with a quality gadgets and gizmos to educate, entertain and impact them.